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Lifetime Design Furniture seamlessly merges traditional craftsmanship with modern industry, offering an exquisite array of furniture, including tableware and home decor accessories for your living space. Each element in our collections, be it materials, colors, shapes, or textures, is meticulously coordinated and thoughtfully expressed through inspiring mood boards.
At the heart of our philosophy lies a commitment to exceptional craftsmanship and the use of honest materials. We actively empower local craftsmen, contributing to a positive impact on the local economy and community. Our furniture is crafted by skilled Javanese artisans with years of expertise in wash finishing and carving, ensuring a blend of heritage and innovation in every piece.
At Lifetime Design Furniture, material selection is a meticulous process based on the desired aesthetic and durability. Rigorous quality inspections are conducted to maintain consistency and standardization, ensuring that our products consistently meet the highest quality standards. Our dedication to excellence extends not only to the artistry of our pieces but also to the sustainability and positive influence we bring to the communities we work with.


  1. 2007

    we started as a small furniture store, with only 5 teams selling chairs and a couple of tables direct delivery from the factory. They were all involved in the business and helped out with shipping and administration. it was very quickly became a business, and everything sold out.


  2. 2010

    it was the furniture that brought success, but the shop wasnt big enough to show what the furniture looked like in reality. then we rented a workshop big enough to arrange a sofa, few chairs, a coffee table to show customers what it might look like at home. All ready to display some home interiors. the showroom opens on 16 September 2010.


  3. 2015

    we often received inquiry for an interior design or decorating consultation, then we decided to offering interior design service in 2015. we want to help people solving functional problems that can enhance people's lives.


  4. 2023

    we open several meeting point to create a stronger connection with our clients. In our thoughtfully curated experience center and meeting spaces, you not only see but truly feel the essence of our furniture – from the texture of the materials to its dimensions within a room. Immerse yourself in the tactile and visual experience, and witness the seamless union of quality, design, and comfort coming together in perfect harmony.